ESPL President Lau Kin Wai Speaks to Techgoondu on the esports industry


Eye-watering amounts of sponsorship money have come into e-sports in recent years and it is widely acknowledged now that more people go on Twitch, the gaming spectator platform, to watch others play games than to watch news on CNN.

Still, there has been concerns that competitive gaming, an activity that once attracted much smaller crowds a decade ago, is becoming overhyped

Not so, according to Esports Players League (ESPL), a new e-sports network and platform set up in Singapore just last year. In February 2020, it received seed funding from famed Silicon Valley VC, 500 Startups.

ESPL president Lau Kin Wai tells Techgoondu that the e-sports arena is growing around the world and there are opportunities for more amateur players to get in the competitive game.

In time, e-sports might get its own big stars, like Formula One’s Lewis Hamilton, he tells Techgoondu.



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oktober 14, 2020